Tracing Paul-André Crépeau’s Approach to Doctrine in his Writing – In the mid-20th century, the hiring of full-time professors led to a transformation of Québec’s faculties of law. Paul-André Crépeau was one of those who had completed graduate studies abroad. In 1965 he was appointed president of the Civil Code Revision Office. He supervised this vast enterprise and his name is forever associated with the Draft Civil Code. As a legal scholar, he published abundantly in the field of contract law, and then addressed codification and lexicography, using a wide range of writing approaches. He often sought to influence the evolution of the law. His proposals were greeted sometimes favourably and sometimes critically. His work is imbued with principles and comparative law, and it reflects his will to build a strong body of legal scholarship. He was particularly attached to French doctrine, which was an important source of inspiration for him that clearly influenced his legal thought.

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