International Academy of Comparative Law

Next Thematic Congress

«Diversity and Plurality in Law»

6-8 October 2021, Pretoria, South Africa


Last Thematic Congress

Montevideo 2016

Enforcement and effectiveness of the law

Date: November 16 – 18, 2016

Venue: Montevideo, Uruguay

Host: Montevideo University and The International Academy of Comparative Law

Thematic Congresses

Since 2008 a new type of congresses is taking place. They are the thematic congresses, which are held in the intermediate years, also every four years. As its name indicates, thematic congresses address only one general topic analyzed from several perspectives. The Academy has taken advantage of thematic congresses to visit areas of the world less frequented by general congresses, namely Latin America and Asia.

Thematic Congresses History

List of Thematic Congresses

Montevideo 2016

Enforcement and Effectiveness of the Law

Taipei 2012

Codification of the Law

Mexico 2008