National Space Legislation, A Comparative and Evaluative Analysis
Editors: Froehlich, Annette, Seffinga, Vincent, ISBN 978-3-319-70431-9, Springer, 2018

The summary of the book is reproduced hereafter : “This book provides a unique in-depth comparative and evaluative analysis based upon primary sources. Therefore, it does not only provide a more complete understanding of the subject compared to other publications but, because it provides a full perspective, can also serve as a basis for further research. The interest in national space legislation, and the importance thereof to regulating space activities conducted by private entities, gives a clear incentive to conduct a comparative analysis of the national space legislation of various states. The purpose of this report is to provide such a comparative analysis that will detail the similarities and differences between the national space laws of selected states with a focus on European comprehensive national space legislation. The states discussed are: Sweden, the United Kingdom, Australia, China, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Austria, Indonesia, Denmark, New Zealand and Luxembourg. This report is intended to assist the efforts of states that are seeking to enact or revise national space legislation not only by presenting the approaches taken by other states, but also by presenting, as far as possible, the rationale behind their approaches. The readership of this book consists of academics and professionals in space law and can further assist policymakers wishing to revise or enact national space legislation”.

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