On January 8 2016, a new law for the Protection and Wellbeing of Animals entered into force in Peru (Norma 30407/ Ley de Protección y Bienestar Animal).  The new law which has been passed by the Congress in November 2015 acknowledges animals to be “sentient beings that deserve to enjoy being well treated by humans” (“reconocerlos como animales sensibles, los cuales merecen gozar de buen trato por parte del ser humano y vivir en armonía con su medio ambiente”). The new law sanctions those who commit acts of cruelty to animals with a jail sentence of up to three years, a fine, as well as a temporary or permanent ban on keeping animals.

The text of the law can be consulted online in Spanish via this link: Norma 30407/ Ley de Protección y Bienestar Animal