On 12 October 2016, the French Assemblée nationale adopted the law on « Justice of the XXIst Century » (Justice du XXIe siècle). The texte includes a wide number of measures notably extending the current mechanism of class-actions to cases of discrimination (not in the case of employment-contracts), cases related to damages to the environment and cases related to the use of personal data.

Class actions may accordingly inter alia be initiated by Regularly declared Associations whose statutory purpose is the protection of specific interests (such as anti-discrimination, the protection of the environment or the protection of personal data) and associations which have specifically been recognized by the State (agréées). The granted protection is not absolute : e.g. actions related to the protection of personal data may only request the tribunal to order cessation of a violation to personal data protection laws but may not request compensation.

More details can be found via the following Factsheet: Link

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