« Scholars from across the globe will assemble in Maastricht University to share insights, debate, and discuss their views on a range of mainstream topics dealing with the development and dynamics of law and language. The topic will be addressed from four thematic-themes in the Symposium: (i) Law, Language, and Context (ii) New Challenges in Jurilinguistics, (iii) Law and Language in Legal Education, and (iv) Legal Translation as a Means to Bridge Divides. Speakers will be from across the globe, offering multiple perspectives to improve higher education, the legal profession, and policymaking. The Symposium in Maastricht aims to offer a fruitful forum for experts from different disciplines and from different corners of the world.

A panel to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Netherlands Comparative Law Association will be hosted during the second day of the Symposium.

Registration is open through this link: https://www.maastrichtuniversity.nl/events/symposium-law-and-language. Questions about registration should be addressed to Sanne de Bok (sanne.debok@maastrichtuniversity.nl). »