Symeon Symeonides, 2021 – Published ; Brill | NijhoffPages: Vol. I: xxiv, 658 pp. – Vol II: vi, 608 pp. – Vol. III: vii, 629 pp. – Total set: xxxvi, 1895 pp.DOI

This book is a true treasure trove of original research, incisive observations, and useful practical pointers. Written by an author who has read more than sixty thousand conflicts cases in the last thirty years, the book skillfully guides American and foreign readers through the labyrinthine alleys of American choice-of-law litigation and distills the resulting lessons for attorneys, academics, and lawmakers. This is a book about law in action. The author reviews the decisions of all American appellate courts in the last twenty years and discusses those that add something new to the development or understanding of conflicts law, particularly choice of law.