Annuario di diritto comparato e di studi legislativi, special issue, Italian National Reports – International Academy of Comparative Law- XXth international congress, Fukuoka 2018, Editoriale scientifica Italiana, Napoli, 2018, pp. 494, ISSN 2039-9871

Link: Annuario di diritto comparato e studi legislativi 2018

Table of contents

M. Graziadei, Foreword. – Silvia . Ferreri, Gianmaria Ajani, Comparative law and multicultural legal classes: challenge or opportunity? – Marco D’Alberti, Commons and land grabbing – Anna Veneziano, E. Finazzi Agrò, The use of the Unidroit principles in order to interpret or supplement national contract law – Elena Ioriatti, Internationalization and bilingual legal education in Italy: a methodology in transition – Alessandra De luca, Compensation schemes for damages caused by healthcare and alternatives to court proceedings in Italy. – Gian Antonio Benacchio, Information et trasparence dans la protection des consommateurs: une realisation dfficile. – Michele A. Lupoi, Optional choice of court agreements in Italy – Angelica Bonfanti, Corporate social responsibility and corporate accountability: the Italian private international law perspective. – Michele Graziadei, Control of price related terms in standard form contracts: the Italian experience. – Diego Corapi, Domenico Benincasa, The Italian law of groups of companies. – Marco Ricolfi, Security rights over intellectual property in Italy. – Mariella. Magnani, The role of collective bargaining in Italian labour law. Lorenzo Gradoni, Luca Pasquet, Failing to protect basic human rights: the fight against poverty and the right to development in Italy’s legal practice. – tania Groppi, Formal and informal constitutional amendments in Italy. – Oreste Pollicino, Virglio D’Antonio, The right to be forgotten. – Franco Prina, Le procès des mineurs en Italie : trente ans d’application du code de procédure pénale des mineurs. – Massimo Ceresa Castaldo, Confidentiality of corrispondence with counsel as a requirement of a fair trial. – V. Zeno-Zencovich, Data protection in the internet.- M. Tomasi, C. Casonato, Regulating genetic data in insurance and employment: the Italian « upstream » way. – B. Pozzo, Climate change and the individual. – M. Serio, Conditions of the recognition of the civil status of transexual and transgender people.