Description : « The aim of better understanding the nature of Chinese law and legal culture requires considering the larger societal framework where law operates. It is essential to look at law in its culturally-specific historical context, viewing it as a part of a more comprehensive multilevel societal order, highlights Professor Ulla Liukkunen, Director of the Finnish China Law Center. The Finnish China Law Center, established in November 2012, promotes understanding of Chinese law and legal culture. In response to a growing interest in Chinese law and legal development, the Center again organizes a China Law Week. This year, the event with speakers from Europe, China, the USA and Australia will take place online. The China Law Week 2020 includes four sessions focusing on the following topics:
• Chinese Law and Legal Culture – A Diversity of Approaches (20 October)
• Chinese Labour Law in International and Comparative Perspectives (21 October)
• New Challenges for China’s Belt and Road Initiative (22 October)
• Emerging Issues in Chinese Private Law and the Court System (23 October) »