Instructions for the vote for the topics of the Berlin Congress

Dear members of the Academy

We thank all those of you who have made suggestions of topics for the Congress in Berlin in 2026.

As has always been the case in the past, there has been a preselection and here are some of the criteria used:

  • Suggestions of topic that did not include a proposal for general rapporteur were usually not considered
  • We limited the number of proposals from the same country to ensure diversity
  • We eliminated repetition of topics (or of closely related topics).
  • We only exceptionally included more than one proposals from the same colleague or with the same proposed general rapporteur
  • Some suggestions were reassigned to a different category than the one the author suggested

The topics are listed by category and we ask you to vote for one topic in each category

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Only members of the association who have paid their 2024 membership fee or lifetime members can access the vote and are entitled to only one vote. Each vote will be verified. If you have any doubts or need to regularize your situation, you can directly contact the treasurer at the following email address: (cc: