The current secretary general

In October 2022, at the 21th General Congress of Comparative Law in Asunción, Gary BELL was elected Secretary-General of the International Academy of Comparative Law.

The members of the Executive Committee, including the Secretary-General, are elected for a period of four years and are eligible for re-election. (Statutes, art. X)

Some faculties of the Secretary-General:

● Subject to Article 9 of these Statutes, the Secretary-General is responsible for the scientific programme of the Academy, overseeing the administrative operation of the Academy and supervising the publication of the Academy’s Acts and Proceedings (Statutes, art. XIII).

● Members elections may take place every year under conditions to be set down by the Secretary-General (By-Laws, art. 4)

● The amount of dues shall be decided by the Secretary-General in consultation with the Executive Committee (By-Laws, art. 7).

Former Secretary Generals 

2014 – 2022
2006 – 2014
1973 – 2006
1965 – 1973
1958 – 1965
1927 – 1958
1924 – 1927