Abdullah Alshebli, Routledge, 2022

Providing a clear introduction to securities laws and how they are applied in different countries, this book compares the enaction and enforcement of securities laws in Kuwait, the UK and the USA.

It explores the philosophy behind securities laws and methods of application in Kuwait, the US and UK to consider the benefits and the risks associated with trading in securities. Using case studies from each jurisdiction, the book takes a comparative approach to examining the different laws that have been enacted with a view to addressing problems that have developed on stock exchanges and in corporate governance. It details the different regulatory authorities in the different countries and the rules and laws that are used to ensure that markets continue to trade and that investors are protected, highlighting the differences in common law, civil law and Middle Eastern law approaches to securities and the bearing of these in the modern securities trade.

Contributing to the general discipline of securities law and providing valuable insights into Middle Eastern law, the US and UK, this book will be of interest to students of international law, scholars, policy makers and government officials.