Argentine Association of Comparative Law – Julio César Cueto Rúa Award – “Abuse in comparative law usage” – 05/31/2018


The contest is subject to the following bases:

  1. The call will establish the deadline for presentation of the papers, with the possibility of being extended.
  2. The contestant must deliver:
    a) A written copy on A4 paper in Times New Roman font, number 12.
    b) A virtual support (CD, DVD, pendrive) of the paper.
    c) Duly signed: c.1.) Photocopy of the Identity Document and / or Passport, c.2.) Photocopy of the authors lawyer`s degree, and c.3) Photocopy of the curriculum vitae.
  3. The paper must be unpublished and have an extension of no less than thirty pages and no more than eighty.
  4. The paper must be delivered to the headquarters of the Association (Sociedad Científica Argentina – Avenida Santa Fé 1145. Capital Federal -CO 1059-), personally, or by postal mail. Also, a copy must be delivered to a particular address appointed in the call.
  5. The paper, on both supports, will be signed with pseudonym. The identification of the pseudonym has to be delivered separately in a sealed envelope, with the indication of address, telephone and email of the contestant, that has no transparencies that allows the reading of its content regardless of its opening.
  6. The contest may relate to any theme, whether in the field of public law or private law, as long as it is set up according to the methods of Comparative Law and according to the subject of the call.
  7. The Jury shall be composed by members of the Academic Council of the Argentine Association of Comparative Law, which shall issue a founded opinion on the merits of the works presented. The Council may propose a candidate for the first prize, and may also award accésit to other works recognized by a sufficient quality, in a number that cannot exceed ten percent of the total work submitted. The jury may declare the competition vacuum.
  8. The prize will consist of a diploma, a medal and the publication of the work. Those who deserve accésit will receive a diploma.
  9. The winner of the contest and those who deserve accésit will be invited to join the Argentine Association of Comparative Law as associates, in case they were not.
  10. Members of the Academic Council and the Executive Committee will not be allowed to take part in the competition.
  11. These rules will be published in the web page of the Association and the presentation in the competition will imply its acceptance.
  12. The Executive Committee of the Argentine Association of Comparative Law will rule on any matter that has not been considered in these Regulations and its decisions will be final.

More information can be found via the following link: Link